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Prof/Dr. James·Romain


Dr. James·Romain --- KANEE Mouthpieces Review:

"Classic" Alto 5 -- very close to my .063 Vandoren AL4 or A28. This one worked well for me, with a smooth tonal character similar to a vintage Selmer Soloist or a Larry Teal, but with the nice response and dynamic range of the Vandoren AL4. This is a very good mouthpiece, and well worth considering for classical ensemble or solo performance.

"New York" 8 -- this one feels a lot like a nice open Meyer 6 or 7, but has some of the darker core sound of an Otto Link. It felt like a medium-large chamber, which gives up some of the 'pop' of the Meyer, but trades it for the thick and warm tone of an Otto Link Tone Edge. I also compared it to a modern Meyer 5, and to my original New York Meyer Bros. 4M-Med (.065" but a strong player), and it held it's own with both of them, but with a somewhat darker, more veiled character. Definitely a very good-playing mouthpiece, and with a tonal identity of its own. Worth checking out, for sure.

"Florida" 8 -- I was VERY impressed with how well it played. Very fat and full sound, comparable to the Slant Signature and Early Babbitt Link examples that I have owned, but even more responsive to articulation and to color change. Pitch was excellent, as was altissimo response. I would be perfectly happy to play this mouthpiece.

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